How to Become a Top Canadian Author?

Becoming a Canadian author is not an easy process, especially if one does not have the necessary experience. Writing a book will not be a simple process, many Canadian authors would agree with this. Even if the process is not easy, the hard work involved will end up giving you ideal results and many possibilities will open up to you as an author. A few possibilities include, getting published, enjoying a career you love, impacting readers with your writing and royalty income. With the right guideline, one will be able to become one of the best authors in Canada. We are going to look at a few tips form popular Canadian authors on how to become a successful author.

Throw Yourself into A Community of Writers 

If you think becoming a bestseller can be done alone, then you are wrong. Almost all top authors out there are surrounded by other writers within the community. By surrounding yourself with other writers one can be able to get assistance and support for various things, such as frustration, discouragement, procrastination and when you want to give up. Working with other writers is an ideal way to receive support and experience whenever you need to help guide you in the right way. It is important to seek advice from an author who already as a vast understanding of the publishing landscape.

Writing Your Book 

As a beginner, you will be surprised that most people don’t get this far. It might be due to fear or procrastination or something else. Canadian authors advice that to avoid mistake or failing to write your book, one needs to have a plan. It is important to cover various things:

  1. Have writing schedule that you can stick to – Once you decide to become an author, writing becomes you job. It is important to treat it like a job. Make show up and do the work whether you feel like it or not. Writer block should not be an excuse. If starting out, allocate at least six hours a week to write. Make sure to challenge yourself and stick to your schedule. 
  2. Research and plan – The right kind of preparation will determine whether you will be able to write a book or not. When preparing, there are two things you need to think about, outline and doing the research. All great stories out there have been researched. If you don’t do the right kind of research, you story will also not be right.

With these few tips, one will be able to start their journey of becoming an author. It is important to make writing your passion if you seek becoming the best author.

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