How to get register for the forklift certification course

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A forklift certificate permits one to be a forklift driver. Having the certificate is mandatory. The certificate helps one to be well trained, know how to reduce risks associated with injuries, and makes the job stable leading to possible promotions. The content below is a discussion on how to aerial lift certification by the Forklift Academy .

 Register for the certification course

Registering with an operational safety and health administration (OSHA) training program is the first step on how to get forklift certification. OSHA program provides training through local companies and vocational schools. Additionally, register with the training program the type of operator certification you want. This is either a certification for rider trucks, internal combustion, and electric engine tractors or rough terrain trucks.

Attend the classes

Classes provide training for coursework. The classes take 6-8 hours per day. The classes include lectures, written materials, and videos. They provide training on the safety measures to protect yourself and others when you are operating the forklifts. Additionally, they teach about the OSHA rules, how to maintain a forklift, and its driving techniques. 

Pass the provided exams

Exams are in written form. They are done after completing classwork. Exams are used to test the capabilities of the trainee and whether he/she has understood what was learned in class. Trainees should score at least 75% on their exam to continue with their training. 

Complete practical training

After passing the exam the next step on how to get a forklift certification is practical skills. In practical skills, a trainee is required to demonstrate his/her forklift skills. Practical skills may include loading materials, working on the inclines, doing forklift inspections, and lifting loads. 

The trainer grades his/her trainee based on the acquired skills, efficiency, and safety. Training of practical skills is done at the workplace. 

Receive the final evaluation

The last step of how to get a forklift certification is the evaluation of the trainee’s overall performance. This is done by the instructor. The driving rate and written exam score should be satisfactory for the trainee to be certified. Only the qualified instructor or the employer makes the final determination of the trainee’s certificate to drive a forklift.

Once certified, the trainee is given a forklift license that can be used when applying for jobs. The certificate has the trainee’s name, name of the trainer, training offered, evaluation date, and the name of the person who evaluated you.


A certificate is important for any course offered. It shows your qualification for the job and your capabilities. For a student to have a certification for forklifts, he/she should consider following the above-discussed steps.