Starting an Advertising Company in Toronto

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This article is about the key proficiency you must possess before launching your own advertising company in Toronto and not the actual process of starting up.  

You Must be a Creative Person 

Creative people are capable of relating with the environment around whether in a good or bad way. A creative knows to well that the world is a comedy for thinkers and a tragedy for those who feel.  

Every experience happening to a creative forms a critical part of his work.  To be a great copy writer one needs to process all of life’s experiences to their advantage for a rewarding user experience.  

The writer of Ecclesiastes states that there is nothing new under the sun, life is simply a repetition of experiences under different and perhaps unique settings. It then follows that you are better placed to reproduce far better ideas based on pile up of previous experiences.  

Ability to Think Laterally  

To be an advertising guru, you ought to be a lateral thinker, this is according to Edward de Bono who was a creative thinker by right. 

De Bono coined the term lateral thinking to define the process of formulating ideas by shifting attention of the problem at hand. In this scenario, the solution is arrived by relating the challenge at hand with something completely devoid of it leading to the emergence of a new idea. 

De Bono attained this through a small product called the Think Tank. It was small sphere erected on a platform with a tiny opening with a selection of 14, 000 printed on small plastics. The task writing down the first three words seen immediately after shaking the tank.  

Perhaps you wanted to sell a pen, and after shaking the Think Tank you saw the words milk, car and hair. Ideally, you would focus on just the pen and its features, right? But in the process of thinking laterally you will have to critically associate the pen with the three words in order to create an ad keeping in mind you must sell it no matter what.  

Imbibe Dictionary as a Tool. 

Be in a position of using both your mind and the dictionary as tools, this cannot be gainsaid. Writing and conceptualizing new ideas can take a toll on you for due to insufficient experience causing inability to successfully relate non-related concepts as required.  

Be the Proprietor 

Great copywriters are the ones that actually own the advertising company and therefore bear responsibility for every word they write. By working for yourself, as opposed to others, you have the great chance of learning from the inevitable experience of one’s successes and failures.  

You must as a lifestyle be passionate, knowledge hungry, curious like the cat and yearn to broadly participate in life.  

Once ready, be sure to test your proficiency through user experience feedback.

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