The Rise and Reign of Pawn Shops

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Pawn shops date back to around three thousand years ago in Ancient China where peasants were guaranteed short term loans by independent pawnbrokers. When banks were falling down during the Great Depression, local pawn were frequently the only place someone could get cash. Their rise and popularity was a cultural reaction to the need of the general public to get small loans quickly. Fast forward pawn shops have become a big part of almost every country’s credit sector at one point. 

A pawn shop is a business that loans money to people while holding their valuable items as collateral. Once the customer pays back the money the items are returned. If the customer does not pay the items are sold at a value price to retail customers. A pawnbroker makes a living off the high interest paid by the customer or the money gotten from selling the products. 

Some pawn shops specialize in certain items. Many pawnbrokers though accept all valuable items from jewelry, diamond, gold, fire arms, household items, electronics, musical instruments and any other marketable item. 

Pawn shops have grown in popularity. This growth is attributed to a couple of reasons. Customers get a quick, convenient way to get money. It has no credit checks. A pawn loan does not improve one’s credit score, it will not also negatively affect it. Pawn shops does not have consequences in the event a customer does not pay the loan. Starting a pawn shop requires little income and a few skills other than appraising the value of merchandise. 

Prices for a particular item vary from different pawn shops. Pawn shops determine the value of the item on its appraised value, its current condition and the ability to sell the item. The appraisal for different items varies too, for example, jewelry is not evaluated the same as a shotgun. It is important that a customer knows the worth of their item- the real worth not a sentimental value. 

For a while there have been fears that any goods bought from a pawn shop are stolen. Those fears are now laid to rest. Right now customers provide an identification and a detailed description of the merchandise. This information is passed on to law enforcement guaranteeing pawnbrokers do not deal in stolen goods. Pawn shops are governed by all of the major federal that apply to entities registered under financial institutions. Pawn loans are the only type consumer credit which involves reporting to local law enforcement agencies. In most countries, reporting is done on a daily basis. It includes very sensitive information on every consumer. 

Some people prefer getting a pawn loan to selling. This is because with a pawn loan you get the money you need and still get to keep your item. 

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